2600-daptor PDL 

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The 2600-daptor PDL is a USB interface primarily for connecting Paddles controllers (but also supports Atari 2600 Joystick, Driving controllers) to your PC/Mac, Raspberry Pi, or game console that supports USB HID.  No driver is needed as the 2600-daptor PDL is recognized as a USB HID (Human Interface Device) joystick. The controller is hot pluggable and the type (Joystick/Driving/Paddle) is automatically detected.  No need to reprogram the firmware just to use a different controller.

4 different paddle scaling settings are available, include one for using 2600 paddles in the MiSTer 7800/2600 core.

02/17/23 - Note: the MiSTer 7800/2600 scaling has not been fine tuned yet.  The paddle scaling in then core seems to be under going some tweaking with it's recent addition of SNAC paddle support.  When that is done, will then dial in the adapter's scaling and post a firmware update.  In the mean time, it should be much better then using the default Stella scalling.

05/29/23 - Posted firmware udpate with MiSTer 7800/2600 scaling set for the Atari7800_20221227 core.

Supported controllers -

The 2600-daptor PDL firmware is upgradeable over the USB.  This adapter is a 2600-II with an alternate firmware, and will identify as a "2600-daptor II".  If you have a 2600-II, you can convert it to 2600-PDL by installing the firmware found over on the 2600-II firmware page.  You can install the 2600-II firmware into a 2600-PDL, however 7800 controllers may not work.

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Paddle Scaling switch settings

You can use any paddle controller with any switch setting.  The "Mode" and "Use for" are the intended use, but you might find you prefer using a different scaling, particularly if you are using it for something else, such as a different MiSTer core.

2600 Joystick/Driving is supported in all switches settings.

Mode Switch 1 (next to USB) Switch 2 Use for -
2600 Stella UP UP 2600 paddles in Stella emulator
Commodore DOWN UP Commodore paddles
Maximum Range UP DOWN For the most knob rotation

MiSTer 7800/2600


2600 paddles in MiSTer 7800/2600 core

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