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Original 2600-daptor


New 2600-daptor II

The 2600-daptor is a USB interface for connecting Atari 2600 Joystick, Driving, and Paddle controllers to your PC/Mac, Raspberry Pi, or game console that supports USB HID.  No driver is needed as the 2600-daptor is recognized as a USB HID (Human Interface Device) joystick. The controller is hot pluggable and the type (Joystick/Driving/Paddle) is automatically detected.

The 2600-daptor II adds support for 7800 Pro-Line, CX78 gamepad, CBS Booster Grip, keypads (Keyboard Controller, Video Touch Pad aka Star Raiders, Kids Controller), Flashback 1, and CX22 & CX80 track-balls.  It has 3 modes - 2600, 7800, keypad - set by switches, as all the different supported controllers can not be auto-detected.  Also tested to work with Atari 2800/Sears Video Arcade II controller and Gemini Dual Command.

** BOTH paddles work on both the Original and New II **

3/22/13 - added native support for CX22 & CX80 trak-balls to the 'II.  Older units can be updated - see info on firmware page (link below).

2/20/17 - added support for Atari Flashback 1.  The adapter will check for an FB1 controller when 7800 mode is entered.  Plug in an FB1 controller and while pressing controller left side button, enter 7800 mode by either changing the DIP switches to 7800 mode, or plug in USB with switches set for 7800 mode.  Repeat with an 7800 controller to switch back to 7800 mode.

03/11/23 - added support for Joy2B controllers.  Just have the controller plugged in when 7800 mode is entered.  Do not hold any controller buttons. 

For playing 2600 games, use Stella vers 3.4 or later (3.6 for 'II). It automatically recognizes the adaptor and handles all supported controllers without the need to make any settings.

For 7800, you can use EMU7800 (preferred) or ProSystem (click here for Input settings)  ** 2600 D9 recommended for 7800 controllers **

These 'daptors can also allow use of Atari 2600/7800 Joysticks in other software that handles USB joysticks. These joysticks are digital, so you will get full up, full down, full left, full right. You could plug in a set of Paddle controllers and use those as an analog joystick – Paddle A being left/right and Paddle B being up/down.

In MAME/MESS, remember to enable the joystick.  For paddle games, you will want to set the Joystick Deadband to 0.0.  If using a GUI, try right-click on game system, Properties, Controllers tab to locate this setting.  Joystick Saturation will also affect paddle operation.  The driving and paddle controllers do *NOT* work for "spinner" games like Arkanoid or Tempest. 

Altirra 2.00 (Atari 8-bit) input mappings for paddles - AltirraMapping.JPG.  Also been confirmed to work with Atari800MacX.

** Raspberry Pi **  RetroPie & Recalbox where designed for use with a multi-button gamepad.  Also the default 2600 emulator (lr-stella) does not work with paddles or driving controller.  You can go into the RetroPie setup optional packages and install regular stand-alone Stella (stella) which does work with paddles & driving.  For paddles, you may also need evdev-joystick found here to get rid of the dead spot on the left side of the screen.

Some other Raspberry Pi projects -

2600-daptor II firmware is upgradeable over the USB.  Original 2600-daptor is not upgradeable.

Click here for more info on firmware versions and installing them

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2600-daptor II mode switch settings

The 'II cannot distinguish between all of the different supported controllers by itself.  For some, you can't even tell whether or not a controller is plugged in unless a button is being pressed.  So we need to give the 'daptor a clue as to which controller it is to interface with.  It kind of bugs me to use DIP switches in the age of plug-n-play, but I considered several different ways to do this and, in the end, switches seem the easiest and most straight forward to use.  There is a switch setting cheat sheet on the bottom of the 'daptor. 

Set the Mode switches for the controller you are using.  If you want to play 7800 games with a 2600 joystick, set the Mode switches for 2600 (not 7800).  Like wise, to play 2600 games with a 7800 Pro-Line, set the switches for 7800.

Mode Switch 1 (next to USB) Switch 2 LED (seen through left side gap of USB opening) Use for controllers -
2600 UP UP constant on/off flash 2600 Joystick, Driving & Paddle (works the same as the original 2600-daptor), 2800/VAII/Gemini Paddle
7800 DOWN UP 2 flashes on, then off a bit 7800 Pro-Line, CBS Booster Grip, 2800/VAII/Gemini Joystick, Flashback 1, Joy2B
Keypad UP DOWN mostly on, with a flash off Keyboard, Video Touch (Star Raiders), Kids


Boot to "mouse mode"

DOWN DOWN constant on/off flash

same as 2600 mode

See 2600-firmware for more info on mouse mode.

When in mouse mode, the switch settings are -

Mouse Mode Switch 1 (next to USB) Switch 2  
Joystick/Paddle UP UP

Use 2600 joystick or paddles to move the mouse pointer.  Paddles act as velocity control - speed of mouse pointer is determined by how far the paddle is moved off center.  Center paddles to hold mouse stationary.  As there are no marks on the paddles, you just have to play with it a bit to find out where center is.


Amiga mouse - only button 1 supported.


ST mouse (2nd button on ST mouse not supported) and possibly some later CX80.  Also works with the Driving controller, but it's extremely low resolution does *NOT* make it a good spinner for Tempest, Arkanoid, etc. in MAME.


CX22 & CX80 trak-balls native mode.

Connecting extra buttons

Note beginning 1/1/2015, the internal solder-less terminal block is now optional.  The price is $3 each.  Please contact me if wish to order a unit with it installed.  You can also solder wires directly to the circuit board instead.

  1. Unplug the 2600-daptor USB.
  2. Open the case by inserting a small flat blade screwdriver in the notches on the case side and twist (not pry) to pop the halves apart.
  3. Insert a small jeweler’s screwdriver or paperclip into the rectangular clamp release hole and press down.  Note, as show in the pic below, it will be tilted back at an angle.
  4. Insert wire (20-24 AWG) end stripped 1/2” into the hole and remove the screwdriver/paperclip. 
  5. Give the wire a tug to ensure it is securely clamped.
  6. To remove, release the clamp by inserting a screwdriver/paper clip.

Terminal Original 2600-daptor 2600-daptor II


2600 Joystick, Driving, Paddle A button 2600 Joystick, Driving, Paddle A button


Paddle B button Paddle B button


extra button 7800 Pro-Line left, Booster Grip booster (top) button


extra button

7800 Pro-Line right, Booster Grip trigger (handle) button (enter firmware update mode if on when USB is first connected)


extra button Mode Select Switch 2


extra button Mode Select Switch 1


Common Common



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