Jaguar-daptor firmware

Firmware Programming Instructions

01/28/23 - Added mouse output for spinner mod.

02/19/23 - Disable joystick output when using spinner.

Download the firmware version you want (right click, Save Link As) -

Jaguar-daptor 230219.hex - latest firmware

And the utility to load it -
Windows - HIDBootLoader.exe
Mac OS X, Linux - MPHidFlash executables in the "binaries" folder

To install:
1) Unplug the USB.
2) Open the 'daptor by inserting a small flat blade screw driver into the slots on the side and turning the screw driver as if you are turning a screw to pop the halves apart.

3) Put a jumper between the two larger holes pointed out in the picture below.  If you don't have a wire, you can use an unfolded paper clip.

4) Plug in the USB, and u
se the utility to program the firmware -


Execute HIDBootLoader.exe. You should see "Device attached." in the message area.
Click "Open Hex File" button and select the above .hex file you downloaded.
Click "Program/Verify" button. You should see "Erase/Program/Verify Completed Successfully" after a couple of seconds.

Mac OS X, Linux

Enter command line mode.  For Mac: from the Finder, select Go->Utilities from the menu and double-click the Terminal application.
Execute the binary for your platform.  Mac example: 

mphidflash-1.6-osx-64 -write Jaguar-daptor.hex 

7) All done - unplug the USB, remove the jumper, and snap the 'daptor shell back together.

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